portrait_sm_groupingShortly after the death of my fiancé in 2012, I began taking self portraits. I didn’t know why, all I knew is that some part of me needed to see myself. I felt like I had died too…  the images gave me proof that I was still living, and that even though I was completely changed on the inside, I still remain me on the outside.

For a year and a half I took simple snapshots of myself, usually with my phone. Then one day I came across an series of photos in which the photographer captured the early moments of a man getting the news of his father’s death. They moved me so deeply, it put a fire in me to begin creating visually the world that I have experienced inside me since losing the love of my life. And this is where Still, Life began – one photo each week for the year of 2014 – exploring the themes, feelings, and images of grief and loss as I have come to see them.

Weekly updates on the project can be found on my creative blog,
12 Months of Creativity.

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