The Afterlife Art Project


I spent this past weekend at the 3rd Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference and have come home with far more than I ever imagined. I’ll be writing another post soon about the conference itself and some of the incredible people I met there, but what I wanted to write about today are the love notes and a little idea that I think wants to be very very big…

I’ve come home with dozens and dozens of precious messages of love in my hands – each one a note from someone here to someone they love on the other side. “Heart and soul, you and me, my love, forever. Your Mom” to Matthew. “Mom, You will always be my best friend, the wind beneath my wings…” from Rosey. “…Thank you for taking care of my baby. I can’t wait to meet you my little one. Love from Mommy” From Rosey to her mother and the child she lost before birth. “I love you Charlotte” from Lynn to her baby girl. And they go on and on with love…


Let me rewind a bit here and tell you just what all this love is about. I’d attended an incredibly emotional and inspiring group medium reading Saturday afternoon at the conference and I just could not get it out of my head. There was so much love in that room. And later that night the idea comes to me to do an art piece. We all came there to receive messages from our loves ones who have passed – but this idea is telling me to create a way for all of us to send those messages of love back to them.

I start thinking it would be so beautiful to create a large art piece with hundreds of love notes in it – hand-written by everyone from the conference. By the time the idea hits, its Sunday – the last day of the conference – and I have only 3 hours in which to get all these love messages. “How on earth am I going to do this?” I’m thinking. And I guess this little idea really wanted to go places, because before I know it, I’m standing up on stage in the main ballroom telling several hundred people (seriously!?) that I would like to make art for their loved ones and in honor of this beautiful event. I’m not even sure how this is happening – I have horrible stage fright – but its almost as if I’m on autopilot… I’m hardly nervous at all and when I sit back down, I can barely even recall what I’d said up there.

Within a few hours, I have all of this love on paper… all of this precious love. One man gives me a hundred dollars to help the project along. Another woman thanks me with tears in her eyes, while dozens of others pour out hugs in thanks. They have no idea – that I am the one thanking them – because they are trusting me with such precious messages of love. And I know how deep this love runs. I know this love spans space and time out into other worlds we have yet to ever know.

To top things off, in the middle of gathering the notes, the man who helped inspire this idea – an internationally known psychic medium – approaches me to say that he wants to support this project and help it reach people all over the world via his website, radio show, etc. He thinks it could be something so much bigger than just for this event and that its such a beautiful idea. I kind of hit complete overwhelm with that. So I’m crying and hugging him and hugging Drew’s mom who is the whole reason I even went to this event in the first place… and its just one of those incredible beautiful moments. All the while, more people to my right are leaving their love notes and I Love You’s.

After those three hours pass, and most everyone has finally cleared out of the hotel – I’m just sitting there… speechless. This little idea about love to the afterlife – which didn’t even exist a day ago – has just gotten itself a few hundred people involved in it and the potential to be spread all over the world. And I feel like it just grabbed me and took me for the ride. I don’t know where it wants to go – but I can tell it wants to go somewhere – so I’m going to do my damn best to help it get there.

6 Comments on “The Afterlife Art Project

  1. Wow what a mind blowing experience it must have been :)
    Great luck to you on that project sarah!
    (you brought tears to my eyes by the way with all that love)

  2. I think this is a wonderful way to help the conference participants and others process their feelings in a beautiful and very meaningful way. I would like to post this to my FB page if that is okay.
    Thanks so much for sharing this story and your journey to healing.

    • Hello Gwen, thank you so much – I brings me so much love and healing to be able to do this for so many beautiful souls. I would absolutely love if you shared it with any and all – as I think this is going to go far beyond just the conference itself. All my love.

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