Studio Jams: Gogol Bordello

Although I don’t have a musical bone in my body, music is a huge part of my life in many ways, particularly so when I’m in the studio. I have to have music on when I’m creating, and it varies from day to day as to what genre is working for me… some days are Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, some are Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, others call for Enya or Enigma, 90’s grunge, classical, jazz, you name it. I find that varying my music widely from day to day keeps my brain curious and ready for making new things.

This week I’m revisiting some music I haven’t listened to in probably a year or so. This song came whispering into my head today at random while I was talking down the street. I haven’t thought of it in probably a year or more, but I remember how I used to play it constantly at my previous job in the ole corporate world. Gogol Bordello is a ridiculously awesome Gypsy punk band from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They’re well known for theatrical stage shows and a heavy influence of Gypsy music and culture – as you’ll see in the video below… Start Wearing Purple!

One Comment on “Studio Jams: Gogol Bordello

  1. This song is hilarious lol! Also a great example of the Gypsy scale.. it’s gonna be in my head all day now. I also second that about variety! ‘Tis the spice of life :)

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