The Importance of Quirky Compadres


My best friend and I decided to meet up today in Waco, which is the halfway point between Austin and Dallas. Before I moved from Dallas last year, we used to go rock climbing and brainstorm endless creative endeavors and side-side-side projects each week (we still do the latter of course!). Although we still talk daily, not getting to see her shining face makes me sad!  She brings out my silly side, and I have found that silly and creative to go very much hand-in-hand. It’s good to have those friends who get that weird, dorky, strange part of you and celebrate it.

IMG_8552 copySo we are trying to now meet up halfway between our cities once a month to catch up. Today, we hung out at a hipster-rific little coffee joint near the Baylor campus all afternoon. I admitted to her that I’ve started to feel those evil doubts rearing their head in the past week or so. Yup, I hate to say it, but I had the horrid thought that it might just be easier to go back to getting a full-time job *GASP*.

I know, I KNOW… it felt like blasphemy as soon as it came out of my mouth. I’ve made it this far… I’ve broken out of the rat race. I’m making connections and gaining some exciting freelance clients and even selling some of my art finally. I’ve got to stay strong and keep on keeping on!

But sometimes, you cannot seem to convince yourself of this. When you’re tired and stressed and worn out and it starts to feel too hard or too big…. you begin to think you should bail and take the easy road. And that, my dears, is when you call on your squad! The other eccentric creatives who are dreaming & doing like you… the ones who’ve got your back no matter what and uplift you fiercely! I’ve learned this past year how completely VITAL it is to have these people in our lives if we are ever to accomplish truly great things… particularly in the early stages when we are learning to fly with fragile new wings. I’ve learned that I never truly had the kind of support network I needed in the past to do big and bold things – and I never would let it in. I learned that even though I can do a heck of a lot on my own, without anyone’s help or support, it’s just not possible to reach the stars without a little wind beneath our wings.

So here is to my bestie – thank you endlessly for the pick-me-up today! And for reminding me that things aren’t really so big when you break them down into little bits…  and of course when you remember to laugh and play and be silly. And thank you to all my other amazing creative compadres, you help me to keep on going!

Yeah… I don’t even know what this face is… 

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 10.39.06 PM
Our last visit in December… oh, oh yes, she’s VERY happy I shared this one.

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