Etsy Shop & a New Look for the Blog!

As I’m working towards taking myself more seriously as an artist, I’ve been working on two things the past month or so: a new look for Seven Shooting Stars, and an Etsy shop to start selling my work!

On the blog, there’s a new design that I think will be more fitting for the types of posts I want to share going forward… which will have more meat to them and be more focused on my art and what inspires me. I’ve also changed up the portfolio page to be much simpler and offer links to purchase my work. I’m still ironing out some small details in the design, but overall I’m liking the feel of it.

In my Etsy Shop, I’ve got about 15 items up for sale already! Woohoo! There will be more to come too, so be sure to go check it out and add me as a favorite!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.32.39 AM

4 Comments on “Etsy Shop & a New Look for the Blog!

  1. I love the new look for your website Sarah. And your Etsy shop, love all the wonderful items you have up for sale. I just noticed that you have my blog showing in your ‘inspiring blogs’ section in your side bar here. Love it! Thank you for that, it’s quite an honour. :)

    • Well you inspire me, so you should be in there! ;)

      Thank you for checking out my shop! I really feel like I may have begun to discover my own voice in photos recently. I dunno if anyone will buy em, but hey you never know!!

    • Thank you so much Wendy! I love finding new flying sisters all the time… kind of makes me glad I didn’t try to force myself to look at everyone’s site or blog within the first few weeks… now its more of a gentle stream of inspiration always flowing. Checked out your blog and really loving it. I see you are a member of a group related to children’s books… do you have any published? =)

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