New Work: Perpetual Flight

Perpetual Flight
ever changing but never-ending
the soul’s eternal journey
colors the universe
from this realm to the next

Just finished this piece last night! The theme I was working with was Flight, and I wanted to portray the idea of universal, eternal flight… of life that goes on beyond this earthly realm. This is only my third painting since I’ve started.. so I still have much to learn. The symmetry is a bit off unfortunately, but overall I’m happy with it for where I’m at. I’m finally starting to get the feel for paint and understand how to work with it a bit more – something that’s been a huge hurdle. I definitely made a great deal of improvement here and learned a lot to try in the next one!

Here’s a few process pics…

About halfway through (and yes there’s a beer in there… shhh don’t give away my secret of  greatness)

Detail shot of finished piece

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